Tranquility is back!

In 2020 Board Game Hub released its first game, the smash hit Tranquility. The reception from critics and fans alike has been wonderfully positive. Now we're delighted to show off Tranquility: The Ascent. In this standalone sequel that's sure to appeal to fans of Tranquility, 1-5 players will once again work together to complete a grid of numbers as they scale the mountain.

Starting at the base of the mountain, players must work their way up to the summit before any player runs out of actions. Complete the grid and place the Summit at the top and you have successfully completed your expedition.

Tranquility box comparison Tranquility and Tranquility: The Ascent prototype side by side

How the game works

Starting at the bottom of the mountain, players are tasked with completing a pyramid-shaped grid from the base to the summit. On your turn, you must play a card onto the mountain or discard two cards. Cards are numbered between 1 and 12 and feature one of three different types of terrain. You may not play cards of the same terrain type next to one another, and you must also discard the difference between cards when played next to one another.

Cards in the grid Cards in the grid

Rows are completed from left-to-right, and the numbers on the cards can ascend, descend, or remain the same. You may start a new row once at least the first two cards in the row below have been placed. Cards must always be "supported" by the two cards immediately below them, but they do not relate to the rows above or beneath in any way, i.e. the first row could start with a 10 while the next row starts with a 1. If players complete the mountain and top it with a summit card, they win; if a player cannot take an action on their turn, everyone loses.

Completed mountain The Summit achieved

Expansion modules

Tranquility: The Ascent includes three mini-expansion modules that can be added separately or together. The Green Path requires players to form a continuous path of green cards from the bottom to the top of the mountain. The Panorama objectives give players specific number sequences to photograph. And finally, herd the Mountain goats up to the summit where the grass is greener in the final module.

Kickstarter version

The Kickstarter version includes the Friends in high places promo (pictured below) which will have limited availability after the campaign and will not be included in any retail versions. These five unique player powers are shuffled during the setup phase with one dealt randomly to each player adding an extra bit of spice. We also have many exciting Kickstarter-exclusive stretch goals planned to add more luxury for our backers including screen-printed goat meeples.

Friends in high places Friends in high places promo cards

We are currently aiming to launch on Kickstarter on Monday 28th June 2021.


The game of course features the gorgeous artwork of Tristam Rossin; indeed this time around we're co-publishing Tranquility: The Ascent with Tristam's publishing company Bright Light Games. The physical characteristics of the game are challenging in that the cards need to tesselate nicely to form a mountain shape. We think this makes Tranquility: The Ascent the game look and play quite differently to other games and it's certainly striking on the table.

Box sitting on cards Box sitting on cards

With thanks to photographer and friend, Jacob Bell, for taking such brilliant photos.

Tranquility: The Ascent at the summit At the summit

Tranquility: The Ascent box with promo cards Box and promo cards