Tranquility (PRE-ORDER)

This is a pre-order for the Kickstarter edition which includes not only the Stormy Seas expansion but also the Kickstarter-exclusive Wild cards. The effects of Coronavirus mean that our stock won't be arriving until June at the earliest but the situation is uncertain at this time. Be assured we will send out orders as soon as we can. Please note that if a pre-order is ordered in combination with in-stock items then the whole order will only be shipped once the stock has arrived

Jump on board the good ship Tranquility and set sail for paradise. Take care though; in a land where the day blends into night it’s easy to lose track of time and you still need to find that special little island to call home.

Tranquility is a co-operative strategy game for 1-5 players suitable for players aged 8-100 and games last around 15-20 minutes. Players must fill the sea with islands and guide the ship home before any player runs out of cards. In the world of Tranquility though, the only way to play is in silence.

Tranquility is the first game by talented designer James Emmerson and features stunning artwork by Tristam Rossin.

And don't forget to also pre-order your own deluxe playmat to make every game of Tranquility an even more incredible experience.