Pirates of Penryn

Pirates, Nautical, Indie
Playing time:
1-1.5 hours
Player count:
2 to 5 players
SeaGriffin Games

Sail your rum from your huge galleon down shallow tidal Cornish waters using your small cramped RumRunner boat. You must make several trips back and forth to port, re-loading your limited RumRunner hand with the best combination of rum, crew and florin cards. Changing winds and tides affect which areas of the board are navigable and how far you can sail on each turn. The waters are also full of whirlpools that can twist your fortunes for good as well as ill. Other players can set the local seamonster upon you to cause trouble, or sail abreast to start a skirmish with their ferocious or charming crew and steal your profits. The player who successfully stows the most florins safely aboard their galleon (and has a decent crew to defend them) claims victory.