On the cards

Card game, Indie
Playing time:
Up to 30 minutes
Player count:
2 to 6 Players

Please note that this game is not shrink-wrapped so may not be absolutely pristine in condition

Both a game and a way to create games, On The Cards is a window into the possibilities offered by a traditional deck of cards.

On The Cards comprises a deck of 50 or so rule cards that define how cards move from the (shared) deck, through players' hands and into tricks, and how cards are scored at the end of the round. By combining these rule cards, you can create thousands of games!

The Fixed Rule cards (black) are always used. In each round, the rules on the Fixed Rule cards are combined with the rules on one card of each other type: Deal, Aim, Card Play and Trick Taking.

Deal (red) defines how the dealer will distribute cards. Aim (yellow) defines the objective of the round and how it will be scored. Card Play (green) defines how the players will play cards. Trick Taking (blue) defines how tricks will be won. In later games you can add Optional Twist cards (mauve) and Double cards to spice things up.