Dice Summoners

Dice Summoners is a two player duel using cards and dice. It's aimed at players who want a light competitive card game with high replayability. The game has an engaging strategy using dice based action selection and an extensive variety of cards. Immerse yourself in it's mythological theme as players deplete their enemy’s health to win the battle.

Summoners begin the battle with basic creature and spell cards. Creatures will gift the summoner with worshipers in the form of blue and red dice. The more creatures you summon, the more dice you will gain. Summoners build their army using the occult symbols on the dice. These symbols gain and activate spells, creatures, auras and curses from a common pool of cards.

Spells are powerful actions like summoning mythical creatures and casting fireballs. Creatures can be used against an enemy to attack and defend. Auras can strengthen a summoner’s army while curses hinder an enemy. Deplete your enemy’s health to eliminate them and win the battle.

Each turn is split into 2 stages: gain and combat. In the gain stage, the player gathers the dice earned by their creatures. They then roll these dice. In the combat stage, players can use the actions available to them on their cards in any order. These actions are cast, ability, and defend. When using these actions they must match the dice symbols or types of creatures on the card. They may end their turn at any moment during the combat stage. Play then continues to the next player. The game ends when one player's hp goes to 0 or below. That player is eliminated. The remaining player wins and is declared the greatest summoner.