Lilypads logo

Game design by James Emmerson; art and graphic design by James Hitchmough

Lilypads is a print-and-play solo/2 player co-operative puzzle game in which the players aim to complete as many objectives as they can before the end of the game. Designed by James during our coronavirus lockdown, it features a compelling and replayable puzzle for 1-2 players and gorgeous low-ink artwork by the talented James Hitchmough.

The Kickstarter campaign funded on 27th October 2020 with £647 and 310 backers.

How it plays

Lilypads setup

The player or players setup the game by selecting 9 of the 15 double-sided lilypad cards and arrange them in a 3x3 grid. The frog is positioned on the card in the bottom left. Then shuffle the objective cards, including flipping cards at random to get a truly randomised selection, and set one beside the pile so that two objectives are visible.

On a player's turn you must move your player pawn to a different lilypad card and then may use the action visible on the card. Then check to see if the current objective has been achieved. If yes, claim the card and then draw the next objective from the deck. If the current objective has not been completed then move the frog onwards one card in the grid (moving from left to right and bottom to top before reversing this journey back to the lilypad card in the bottom left).

Lilypads frog

When the frog has finished her journey, the game ends immediately. Add up the victory points on the objectives you’ve completed and see how you did...

Scoring table