Tristam has been busy making amazing artwork for our 2022 release Tusky Joe's Snorkel Adventure. 1-4 players go diving for beautiful treasures worth a variable number of points depending on the difficulty of successfully salvaging them. We believe that the game appeals to both families and gamers and so wanted to strike a balance in the visual style of the game so as to satisfy both potential audiences.

Render of box and some cards

We're really thrilled with what Tris has come up with. The vibrancy of colours is, we think, absolutely gorgeous and the aesthetics are very clean. You can see the point value top left with the requirements of salvaging the card beneath. At the bottom you'll see set collection bonuses or other important information/card abilities.

Princess set cards

The Princess set consists of three cards all gained by expending bubbles on the player's dice and they're worth an extra 7 points if you complete the set by the end of the game. But of course other players may notice that you're trying to collect these and get their first. Or you might need to trade them in at the shop to buy better equipment! The decision is yours.

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