Tusky Joe, good to go?

As the dust settles after the campaign for Tranquility: The Ascent, we can start to turn our focus to the next game in our pipeline: currently titled Tusky Joe's Snorkel Adventure (though if I get my way, the word Captain will be in there somewhere!!). The first design by James Hitchmough, artist for Lilypads print-and-play, graphic designer of the Tranquility: The Ascent rulebook and all-round good guy.

Tusky Joe concept artwork

Tusky Joe concept artwork by Tristam Rossin

We've been playtesting and developing the game, previously called Dive (but someone else got there first), for a good while now and it felt like a really good fit for our publishing style. It's easy to learn, accessible to families and non-gamers, but also provides enough interest to engage regular tabletop gamers.

Over a set number of rounds, players will be heading out on Tusky Joe's boat, strapping on their snorkels and diving gear and looking for lost treasures in the sea. On your turn, you have lovely custom dice to roll and you are attempting to gain the right symbols (bubbles indicating oxygen, fins indicating depth of the water) to be able to reach and gather lovely bits of treasure that are worth points at the end of the game. The game features a very pleasing combination of mechanisms. For starters you have dice rolling in a style reminiscent of Yahtzee; then you have push-your-luck as there's always the risk of attracting sharks; you have engine building- players can trade in their hard-won treasure at the shop to gain equipment which will give you access to new dice or extra in-game abilities; and you have set collection whereby combinations of items can earn you more points.

We hope to have Tusky Joe coming out in some form or other around Q1 2022 so watch this space!

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