With five days left to go on the Tranquility: The Ascent Kickstarter campaign, it's brilliant to see us past £30,000 and with 4 stretch goals unlocked! Every backer will now receive amazing screen-printed meeples, foil-finish Campfire cards, downloadable playmat artwork and a linen-textured box.

Screen-printed meeples

Our backers also made it clear that they might like the option of a playmat so we have developed a really cool OS map-style paper playmat for those who want to pimp out their game experience. This is now available as part of the campaign though the design is not yet finalised.

The Ascent playmat

Two stretch goals left to go then, and hopefully we'll achieve them both by the end of the campaign with just over £3,000 to go until every backer copy includes a plastic insert to hold components in place and the final goal of a magnetic box to achieve at £40,000 total.

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