We're absolutely thrilled that Tranquility is now out of beta and available for online play on Board Game Arena. Our very sincerest thanks must go to the BGA team for allowing us to put forward Tranquility for development, and most especially to developer Bruce Hauman for his hard work in implementing it. This will have taken him countless hours and it gives us a wonderful opportunity to reach new players and also provide another way for backers to enjoy the game, perhaps with friends they are physically distant from.

Board Game Arena has been my choice of recent times when I've been really craving a game of something. They have been working very hard to increase the number of games on the site and there are some absolute belters on there. If you've never used the site, just sign up for a free account (premium membership available with additional perks), select a game you'd like to play and connect with friends or strangers for live or asynchronous games.

Have fun! Peter

Tranquility on Board Game Arena

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