We're delighted to announce the launch of our first publication on Kickstarter.Take me to Kickstarter now!! Tranquility is an intense co-operative game that creates new experiences every time you play. It is the brain child of James Emmerson who just started mucking about with a copy of 6 nimmt! one day. The result is this highly satisfying and stunning-looking card game with an amazing amount of depth that is somehow accessible to children, non-gamers and gamers alike. The game has been elevated even further thanks to the amazing talent of artist Tristam Rossin whose stunning island scenes help create a beautiful tableau of artwork during the game.

The game has been thoroughly playtested and feedback from the vast majority of players has been overwhelmingly positive. We've also had some great comments from the reviewers who took a look at our prototype:

Rahdo runs through

We love this game! We played it four times in a row. That NEVER happens. This game is super sharp.

Hairy Game Lords

I loved it. It was brilliant; what a lot of fun. Get backing this: it’s a brilliant game!

The Game Shelf

Tranquility is a lovely cooperative puzzle/card game that gets a tiny bit more stressful than the name might imply! It's well worth checking out when the Kickstarter launches soon!

One Stop Co-op Shop

I’ve really enjoyed this game. My wife and I had a blast playing it.


I really like the tension and uncertainty. Tranquility gives you an illusion of freedom to begin with but as the grid starts to close in on you, you start to realise the areas where you’ve backed yourself into a corner.


If you like what you see here then please check out the Kickstarter page for more information, pictures and videos.

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