We're thrilled to announce that we have signed up newcomer James Hitchmough to publish his first game design: working title Dive! It's a fun-filled light-medium family-friendly dice chucker about snorkelling for lost treasure. We've actually been playtesting the game for some time and working with James on the development and we're very happy with the quality of the game design.

Dive on Tabletop Simulator

The aim of the game is to earn the most points by gathering up valuable items of lost treasure on the seabed. On their turn, players roll a number of dice, depending on the equipment they have, and assign those dice to one or more pieces of treasure that they can see in the water. The player must achieve a certain number of bubbles/flippers, or often both, on their dice to be able to salvage the treasure and add it to their hand. The requirements on the treasure cards show you what you need and this can range from a small number of bubbles, for low-value items found in the shallows, to large numbers of bubbles and flippers needed to reach the most lucrative (and deepest) treasures in the sea.

Painted shell and stone four-toed foot

In this image you can see a lovely Painted Shell. It only requires one bubble to recover it, but then it's only worth 1 point whereas you can earn a mega 15 points for the Stone Four-toed Foot! Of course you need 3 bubbles and 4 flippers so the challenge is much more stiff. You can also see that some items are part of sets which are worth plenty of bonus points if you can gather several items from that set.

Each round players will be tempted to push their luck to get their hands on the most sought-after salvage but be warned: your activities might also attract the attention of the local sharks. You'd best be ready to distract them with some fish or else your turn may not go as you hoped.

Game mechanics

Dive combines a number of different mechanics to provide a beautifully streamlined and intuitive game.

  • Push your luck, to try to gain better items.
  • Collect sets to earn bonus points.
  • Manage your hand as you trade in items to purchase better equipment.
  • Build your engine throughout the game to enable you to dive for those rarer riches.

Development continues but we're tentatively planning to bring Dive to Kickstarter in the autumn so stay tuned for more news!

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