The board game publisher's work is never done

I'm taking time out of shipping a couple of thousand orders of Tranquility to our wonderful backers in order to write this blog . Why is that? Because it's nearly time for Virtually Expo, UK Games Expo's answer to covid-19 online conventions, and we need to tell you about our next major publication: Tessera (working title), a dominos-style game for 2-4 players with a Roman mosaic theme by Tranquility designer James Emmerson.

What is Tessera about?

James is at his most creative when he's surrounded by games. The idea came to him when enjoying a break from demoing Tranquility at Meeples Summit in Scarborough in January. He and Mick Wood sat down, knocked up a prototype and the rest, as they say, is history. 2-4 players are competing to win the favour of Roman Gods by laying mosaic floor tiles in the temple. These are represented by rectangular cards and, generally, feature one tile of 2 different colours/suits. They can played anywhere within the grid, even wholly or partially overlapping existing cards. When a player matches one or more colours when placing their tile they have 2 choices: score points immediately, or increase their multipliers to (hopefully) score more points later.

Tessera on Tabletop Simulator

We've been playtesting this extensively over the past few months, including during lockdown, and have made use of Tabletop Simulator for the various iterations, expansions and different player count experiences. It is, as you can see, an exceptionally simple prototype but we feel that the gameplay is going to work really well with a Roman theme featuring some beautiful mosaic and geometric-based artwork. We're in negotiations with a very talented artist who will be helping bring this to life in the next few weeks and we can't wait to share these developments more widely.

That's all for now but soon we hope to bring you some concept artwork, prototype rulebook, and more details!

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