Scrumpy Card Cider

Four years ago, I began work on a game. I had an idea you see, well half an idea. What if you were making stuff, but the resources were also cards? That was it, that was my idea. A few hours and a lot of scribbles on blank white cards later and I had a rudimentary deck builder game with different characters in different piles in the middle of the table. I took the game to Airecon in the UK, playtested it, I took it to a couple of friends house, Dan and Kyly, and they repeatedly destroyed me at it so I knew it needed to be changed and iterated, but a game was slowly emerging with lots of tweaks and ideas requiring development.

Scrumpy Kickstarter picture

Fast forward 4 years and Scrumpy: Card Cider has evolved to an almost unrecognisable level. Sure, it maintains the multi-use cards and the cider theme, but cased in a cleaner, more innovative and all round, it is hoped, more enjoyable experience. We launched on Kickstarter last week, a tiny goldfish waggling its bright fins in a rather large pond full of Koi Carp, Rainbow trout and Dolphins which have no right to feature in this metaphor. We were delighted to be able to fund this week and hope to unlock as many stretch goals as possible to make the best most value-for-money experience we can for all backers. Sure we don’t have the economies of scale on our side just yet but we are working hard on it and with every backer who decides that they need Scrumpy: Card Cider in their life, more life is breathed into the game and we move even closer to providing a deluxe experience in a base game package.

We hope you will consider taking a look at Scrumpy, even if just to watch the talented acting in our Kickstarter videos, and if it isn’t for you, we respect that. We are just grateful that the game is getting a chance.

May the apples be ever in your favour.

Paul Frohnsdorff-Harris (designer)

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