Exciting times at BGH HQ. With just one week to go until the launch of Tranquility: The Ascent, we thought we'd share some more information. The preview page on Kickstarter is now visible! Follow the link and if you click on the notify button, you'll be sent a message when we make the project live next Monday (28th). Kickstarter is all about momentum so we'd love your help in trying to reach our funding goal early.

You can also help the visibility of our project by upvoting it on Prefundia. Setting up an account is quick and easy and then you'll be able to help us make it into the top three projects and therefore be featured on the site later this week.

Campaign image

Media coverage

Rahdo runs through

Rahdo featured Tranquility: The Ascent at no.3 for new games in his May 2021 round-up and you can see the excerpt in this separate video.

I've gotta say folks, this one really blew me away!


The wonderful Amy and Maggie from ThinkerThemer in Australia discussed The Ascent in their most recent episode of Small Talk. Beginning at 49:16 into the video, you can hear their thoughts about the game including comparisons to Tranquility. Spoiler alert: they're big fans!

Diagonal Move

If you've ever wondered about how Board Game Hub came into being, or the stories behind Tranquility and Tranquility: The Ascent, how Kickstarter campaigns run from a publisher's perspective, or you are considering publishing games yourself, do check out this written interview with Neil from Diagonal Move in which we cover all of these topics.

We've got loads more previews on the way so stay tuned for more thoughts in the next few days.

New-and-improved artwork

Tristam has been working hard getting the artwork just right including improving usability during play. Here we have the final box cover artwork and we hope you love it and will be proud to display it on your shelf.

New box cover

That's all for now folks. Please click on that notify button to help us make a success of Tranquility: The Ascent. We cannot do it without you!

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