We're delighted to announce the signing of Chris Backe's (currently titled) Maglevs on Mars to be published by Board Game Hub in 2022.

The year is 2122, and the Mars colonies are booming! As colony planners, it’s time to plan out the next phase of bases and Maglev train tracks. Play bases, connect them to tracks, then approve the plan to add power plants for more points.

This draw and pass game has players shifting plans around and trying to get the better of the other planners. After all, once the space is full, nothing else can go on it. Think offensively and defensively on every move.

Maglevs prototype

Maglevs will be renamed and rethemed before the prototype stage is finished but the core game mechanics are very mature and, if I may say so, like nothing else I've thus far played. Each player has a 'home' board with which they start the game with the purpose of building tracks worth points. However, each player has a single action with the board in front of them before handing it to the player to their left and receiving a new board from the player to their right. The dynamic is highly interactive, tactical and very often hilarious as players fight to put bases down and connect them with track. Meanwhile, while each board moves around the table your plans are possibly being scuppered by the devious planning of your opponents around the table. The result is an excellent and enticing blend of attacking and defensive play; make conservative moves that will earn fewer points, or take higher risks for higher rewards, or just enjoy messing up the plans of your friends and wait for the inevitable curses.


Requiring only double-sided dry wipe boards and pens (in different colours) + a small rulebook, we anticipate a reasonably-priced family and gamer-friendly drawing experience that will keep you coming back for me. The interaction between players really makes this one sing and we can't wait to publicly playtest this in the near future.

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