Finalising artwork

There are many steps to publishing a board game and they all have their attractions. One of the most exciting phases is actually getting the final product into your hands. But before we get to that point there's an awful lot of work to be done!

Our Kickstarter campaign for Tranquility: The Ascent funded in early August and now we're almost done finalising the artwork meaning that we can finally send off the files to our manufacturer to produce samples. Whoop whoop! We wanted to get this as close to perfect as we could so that, hopefully, we only need one round of samples before confirming the full production run. Exciting times...

So what have we changed since the prototype?

Ascent cards
  • The majority of people in the world are right-handed so it made much more sense to swap the more important information to the left-hand side of the cards to make fanning them out easier.
  • 6s and 9s are now underlined to make them easier for people sitting in different orientations to differentiate between the two.
  • Corners are rounded to reflect more what the cards themselves will look like once manufactured.

Red 6


These have been revamped to make the artwork stand out more. It's easy to miss a Bridge in the grid once it's been there a while so this should help with those mishaps!

Improved bridges

Promo cards

These now have instructions on the reverse so that we don't need to print an additional rulesheet. Much easier and less wasteful!

Promo card text

Panorama objectives

6s and 9s have been underlined and all numbers centred to make for the best symmetry we can manage.

New Panoramas


We've got both sides of the proposed double-sided playmat ready, featuring Tristam's beautiful artwork as backgrounds for your games (Ascent side pictured below).

Ascent playmat


All necessary information added to box front, sides and bottom and a couple of minor tweaks done.

Box bottom

Onwards and upwards!

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