February update

We're long overdue an update on what Board Game Hub is currently working on so without further ado, here we go!

Tranquility: The Ascent playtest

Tranquility: The Ascent

First up, the exciting news is that we're nearing completion of the development of a sequel to Tranquility. Currently titled Tranquility: The Ascent, players will revisit the world of Tranquility featuring, of course, Tristam Rossin's astounding artwork but take on the new challenge of climbing a mountain. The Ascent combines non-communication and co-operation once again but the mechanics, whilst recognisably Tranquility-esque, offer an all new take on placing numbered cards into a grid. Players are no longer able to place cards wherever they wish; instead they must advance up the mountain before playing a Summit card at the top (like the Finish acrds of the original). The gameplay is both reminiscent of the original and really quite different and new decision processes will need to be learned for you to succeed at The Ascent.

We'll of course be including 3 mini-expansions in the box to add both variety and extra difficulty; these will involve completing a trail from the bottom of the mountain to the top, taking beautiful panoramas with specific card sequences, and finally herding troublesome goats up to the top where the grass is green and luscious. We believe that Tranquility: The Ascent is not only even more fun to play but also even more difficult once all expansions are in play meaning that you'll want to come back to the mountain again and again.

More news to follow as and when we have it.


Tessera God tokens

Regrettably, we took the decision to cancel our pre-Christmas campaign for James Emmerson's Tessera. There were clearly a number of factors in play that meant we were not going to reach our funding goal. We haven't given up hope of bringing this to market but for now we're looking at other projects and possibilities.

Void Zone

Void Zone on Tabletop Simulator

With equally deep regret we made the decision, after a year of development with designer Robert Elliott, to cancel our publishing agreement for Void Zone. The failure of Tessera meant that we just did not have the finances required to bring this awesome, but complex, pure strategy game to Kickstarter in the near future and it didn't seem fair to Robert to keep him hanging. We wish him all the best with it and heartily believe that it's an excellent game that should, and hopefully will, be published by someone out there. Count us among the first backers if this ever comes to a crowdfunder.

New opportunities

Of course, now that we're no longer developing Void Zone and Tessera isn't currently going ahead we've got space to be working on other projects. We currently have two games under consideration for publication in 2021, James continues to develop his own designs and Peter is collaborating with a developer, artist and authors on a hybrid story/game product designed, primarily, for families. More on these exciting projects to follow as we consider our plans for 2021, 2022 and beyond.

Language versions of Tranquility are coming

White Goblin have been producing their own Dutch language version and we're also delighted to announce that Lucky Duck Games are working with multiple partners worldwide to bring a whole host of different language versions to market this year. The list of partners isn't yet finalised but it's great to see the prospect of many more thousands of copies being available at retailers all around the world.

Anyway, that's all for now. Publishing board games is proving challenging as the world still continues to fight the complex and many effects of covid-19, but we hope to build on the success of Tranquility and Lilypads to continue to bring fun, high-quality games to board gamers and indeed the mass market. Thank you for your support and interest.

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