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Here at Board Game Hub we're passionate about indie games. With the growth of crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter, tabletop gaming has seen enormous success by some small publishers in getting their games to market while traditional methods of publication get ever more challenging. Board Game Hub is born out of a desire to provide a more level playing field for independent and small companies to be able to compete with vastly-bigger publishers.


Our primary activity is to promote (and sell) games from indie companies. You can find more information on our Selling page.


We believe that working together is the only way to achieve our goals as a company. If we are successful at promoting the work of independent creators and small companies, then we'll have helped their goals too. Collaborative efforts such as shared stands at major UK conventions are one example of how working in partnership can help us all be more successful.


It seems a natural extension of our primary aim, promoting and selling games from small companies and independent creators, to also publish our own games. We're attending the Publisher-Designer Speed Dating at the UK Games Expo and are also welcoming submissions online. For more information please visit our Publishing page.

UK Games Expo 2019

We've got a list of 108 publishers to speak to at UKGE, each with a personalised letter/flyer. Have a great expo everyone!

UKGE flyer

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