Why sell your games with Board Game Hub?

What Board Game Hub intend to offer

  • Every indie game we sell will be given its own dedicated page full of content such as videos, photos and written content while detailed information about the designer(s) and publisher will also be included. NB: Board Game Hub will not review your game nor guarantee to play it. We do intend to include positive third-party reviews, if agreements can be reached with content providers, but to ensure non-bias, we will not be publishing our own opinions.
  • The shop will specifically highlight those games from small and independent publishers to make it easy for visitors to discern. NB: We will be selling games from larger publishers as well but they will not be given the same level of content and promotion.
  • To purchase an agreed number of games at approximately 50% RRP (to be agreed on a case-by-case basis)
  • Pre-order management service
  • To promote and sell your games to the best of our ability with techniques including direct marketing, blogs, social media and presence at major UK conventions.
  • To work in partnership with publishers interested in collaborative shared stands at major UK conventions for the purposes of playtesting, demoing and selling.
  • To behave in an ethical, professional and supportive manner in accordance with our company charter.

What we need in return

  • A copy of each game we’ve agreed to sell to open, play, photograph etc. This will then be added to the Board Game Hub games library for use at future conventions such as our annual Great Indoors event in Worcestershire.
  • Your cooperation in providing all available information, promotional content and details for the game(s), designer(s) and publisher.
  • Publishers to provide their own demo staff and copies of their games for demoing and playtesting on our collaborative stands, if applicable.
  • Your ongoing support to help Board Game Hub work as effectively for you as possible.

NB: This list is not intended to be exhaustive and is subject to change.

Contact us

If you would like us to promote and sell your games then please email the details to Sales. Please DO NOT send games to us without prior agreement. There is no guarantee we'll accept the delivery and you may have to pay for us to return them.