Board Game Hub publications to date

Our first publication, Tranquility, by first-time designer James Emmerson successfully funded on Kickstarter on 1st December 2019. We followed up with a gorgeous print-and-play design again by James Emmerson, Lilypads, featuring beautiful low-ink artwork by talented artist James Hitchmough. Tranquility: The Ascent, a standalone sequel, was successfully funded on Kickstarter on August 2nd 2021.

2022 should be a busy year for BGH publications with several in the pipeline including first-time designer James Hitchmough's family-friendly treasure-diving game Tusky Joe's Snorkel Adventure, Chris Backe's Rift Valley Reserve, a second edition full publication of Lilypads and more!

Game submission

We're not actively looking for submissions at this time due to the number of projects already in development but if you would still like to pitch your game to us for consideration in 2023 and beyond then please email your sell sheet and rulebook to submissions(at)

But why would you want to publish your game with us?

The perks

  1. Creative input- a recent survey stated that many designers have no input into the creation of their games once signed with a publisher. BGH believes in partnerships and will heavily involve designers in the whole process. This will be good for the game and for our customers to see all parties working closely together.

  2. Rising royalties- stats show that many designers choose not to continue to use the services of publishers after a campaign has finished. We hope that creators will want to work with us again and one of the perks we offer is a rising percentage of royalties. Designers will receive a competitive 7% royalty of retail price rising to 8% for a second project and 9% for the third and any future projects.

  3. Openness and honesty- we prize our relationships with designers, artists, reviewers and fellow publishers and like to work with complete transparency. If you publish with us, expect to have a close and sharing relationship built on trust.

What do we like?

  • The game mechanisms have to be solid. While we love beautiful thematic games, we're not going to publish a sub-standard game with above-average components to compensate.
  • Appropriate number and quality of components. Not every game needs a hundred high-quality miniatures and components should be appropriate to the experience. Also, in a world of complexity and waste, sometimes it's nice to keep things simple.
  • Plenty of playtesting. It's really helpful to have submissions for games that have already been thoroughly playtested and balanced.
  • Co-operation. At Board Game Hub, we like to work in partnerships. We want our designers heavily involved throughout the process and that means that they need to be active and available.