Publishing with Board Game Hub

We want to see more people playing games from independent and small companies/creators. As such, we intend to launch our own publishing arm. But why would you want to publish your game with us?

The perks

  1. Creative input- a recent survey stated that many designers have no input into the creation of their games once signed with a publisher. BGH believes in partnerships and will heavily involve designers in the whole process. This will be good for the game and for our customers to see all parties working closely together.

  2. Rising royalties- stats show that many designers choose not to continue to use the services of publishers after a campaign has finished. We hope that creators will want to work with us again and one of the perks we will offer is a rising percentage of royalties. Designers will receive a competitive 7% royalty of retail price rising to 8% for a second project and 9% for the third and any future projects.

  3. Just like any game being promoted and sold in our shop, your creation will have its own dedicated page with loads of content such as short videos, a written summary of the game, game mechanics, player count, playing time, previews and reviews from third party content providers.

The pipeline

Part of our business plan is to plan out and then implement a publishing pipeline. That is, we intend to have 2-3 games agreed in principle with designers/companies and a rough outline of when the Kickstarter campaigns will be. For our first game, we're looking specifically for a game with low manufacturing complexity i.e. largely standard components, small amounts of artwork and graphic design, not too many bits! We'd also favour working with an already-published designer. These restrictions are to intended to give us the smoothest possible entry into the publishing world by restricting the number of components (and cost of manufacturing) and also having some existing designer reputation to work with. After our first game it's likely that these restrictions will be lifted entirely.

Once game #1 has been sent off to the manufacturer we'll aim to launch game #2 on Kickstarter, and so on. Hence the pipeline will always be a few games long so that we, as a company, can plan long term (and ensure work is completed in a timely fashion) but also focus most of our efforts on one game at a time.

Game submission

If you wish to submit a game to be considered for publication by Board Game Hub, please complete a Game submission form and email it to Submissions.