Our Company

The Board Game Hub ethos

Board Game Hub is a new company (no.10727621 at Companies House) created to publish and promote board and card games by talented, independent creators and designers. The board game industry is a wonderfully rich and diverse world right now with hundreds of games being released each year, many of which are made by small teams of enthusiasts rather than multi-million pound organisations. When it comes to gaining the attention of the gaming public, we feel that large companies with extensive marketing budgets are able to unfairly dominate the attention of reviewers, retailers and customers and that it is often a question of money, not quality, that results in the popularity (and sales success) of the big publishers vs independent companies.

As such, we are aiming to become a hub that focusses on the work of independent designers and companies. Visitors to the site will find comprehensive information about games for sale, and the people behind them.

We are also entering the world of publishing in an attempt to make it even easier for independent creators to fulfill their potential, and because we love seeing indie games being played. Please visit our publishing page if you want to find out more.