Our Company

Board Game Hub (no.10727621 at Companies House) is an up-and-coming British board game publisher with big ambitions. We started the company with a desire to further the cause of independent publishers everywhere in the world and found ourselves captivated by the joy of bringing new games into existence. Thus is our self-mandated mission: to create brilliant board games for all, gamers and non-gamers alike.

The way we work is dominated by two core principles: complete transparency, and collaboration. It is our intention to always be entirely open and honest in what we do for the benefit of all. In terms of collaboration, we have already developed fruitful relationships with a range of people and companies throughout the industry with the aim of improving our games and increasing the reach of our publications. We also enjoy the heavy involvement of our designers, for example, and we feel that their continuing input throughout the publishing process is one of the keys to developing quality games.

To find out more about our publishing then please visit our publishing page.