Board Game Hub's ethical charter

Our intention for Board Game Hub is to set a high benchmark for other companies to follow and emulate. As such, we aim to:

1. Offer equal opportunities to all.

We firmly believe in judging by talent alone and we will not discriminate.

2. Treat designers and other talents with respect and reward their work.

We love board games and they obviously wouldn't exist without the efforts of the brilliant designers out there.

3. Consistently reach high levels of quality in our products.

While it's impossible to create games that everyone will like, we aim to publish games with consistent and high quality rulebooks, suitable and well-made components and excellent artwork and graphic design.

4. Serve our customers with distinction.

Without our customers, Board Game Hub will cease to exist. As such, we endeavour to provide the best customer service achievable.

If we have failed to achieve the objectives in our charter at any time, please let us know and we will try to improve.