Board Game Hub is an independent publishing company based in the South West of England. Our aim is to create high-quality games with excellent (and appropriate) components. We try to operate with complete transparency in everything we do and love to collaborate with designers, artists, playtesters, distributors, retailers and other publishers.

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Exciting times at Board Game Hub at the moment with multiple projects in development. Tusky Joe's Snorkel Adventure is in late development, Western Rift Valley (formerly Maglevs on Mars) is improving all the time with tweaks and testing, and multiple other games are in their formative stages. We're also pleased to announce that we intend to publish a full manufactured version of our popular print-and-play game Lilypads in 2022 with all-new artwork and a campaign mode to add in more replayability and challenges. Watch this space!

We're delighted to announce the signing of Chris Backe's (currently titled) Maglevs on Mars to be published by Board Game Hub in 2022.

The year is 2122, and the Mars colonies are booming! As colony planners, it’s time to plan out the next phase of bases and Maglev train tracks. Play bases, connect them to tracks, then approve the plan to add power plants for more points.

This draw and pass game has players shifting plans around and trying to get the better of the other planners. After all, once the space is full, nothing else can go on it. Think offensively and defensively on every move.

Here at Board Game Hub we do not have a monopoly on good ideas. Playtesters, friends, family, random strangers can all help to shape our games to be the best they can be. So now we'd love to hear your ideas for items of treasure to be found during a game of Tusky Joe's Snorkel Adventure.

Tristam has been busy making amazing artwork for our 2022 release Tusky Joe's Snorkel Adventure. 1-4 players go diving for beautiful treasures worth a variable number of points depending on the difficulty of successfully salvaging them. We believe that the game appeals to both families and gamers and so wanted to strike a balance in the visual style of the game so as to satisfy both potential audiences.

There are many steps to publishing a board game and they all have their attractions. One of the most exciting phases is actually getting the final product into your hands. But before we get to that point there's an awful lot of work to be done!

As the dust settles after the campaign for Tranquility: The Ascent, we can start to turn our focus to the next game in our pipeline: currently titled Tusky Joe's Snorkel Adventure (though if I get my way, the word Captain will be in there somewhere!!). The first design by James Hitchmough, artist for Lilypads print-and-play, graphic designer of the Tranquility: The Ascent rulebook and all-round good guy.