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I was browsing Board Game Arena the other day, looking for something new to try that I could realistically learn by myself in a few minutes online, and I couldn't help but be attracted by Happy City. I mean that is surely something that only the grumpiest curmudgeon could refuse to look at. It turns out to be a very light drafting and tableau building game that's clearly aimed at younger gamers. The art style is cutesy but very attractive, in my opinion, and the game design is very clean.

AireCon has become a firm fixture in the convention cycle for Board Game Hub as it cements itself as probably the second-biggest board game convention in the UK. Of course I caveat this statement because it's difficult and time-consuming to get exact figures of convention attendances. Suffice it to say that the UK Games Expo is still easily the biggest in the UK, and one of the best-attended in the world now, whilst AireCon certainly feels like it's pushing ahead of the rest of the pack. Held every year at the Harrogate Convention Centre, the 2022 edition was able to go ahead with the inclusion of COVID passports and encouraged mask-wearing. Three intense days of tabletop gaming ensued...

Origin story

Back in the heady pre-covid days of 2019, we attended conventions with tens of thousands of people with nary a facemask in sight and sat down with strangers to learn new games. I'd heard about Tiny Towns before heading to UK Games Expo in Birmingham, England and, honestly, thought it sounded awful; yet another pseudo-tetris shape-building box of boring nonsense in a pretty package. However, when you see the opportunity to sit down and have a game at a convention you tend to grab it. And what a piece of good fortune that was. Tiny Towns is proof that it isn't always possible to judge a game from photos or a list of mechanics. Sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Sometimes.

Current projects at Board Game Hub HQ include manufacturing and fulfilling Tranquility: The Ascent, then commissioning a retail print run. Up next in the publishing pipeline will be Tusky Joe's Snorkel Adventure, our family-friendly dice rolling game about snorkel diving for treasure. Development is largely finished on this one with some finishing touches on the artwork to be done.

Voyages is the first game published by Postmark Games, a new company formed in 2021 by established designer Matthew Dunstan, best known for his work on Elysium and Monumental, and Rory Muldoon, designer of Skora and Pier 18 and with a number of artist/graphic designer credits including Tinderblox as well as Skora and Pier 18. The aim of Postmark Games is to specialise in designing print at home games for everyone making them accessible with a minimal environmental footprint. We at Board Game Hub were very excited to hear of this venture and have been playing Voyages for a few weeks. Here's what we think!

And he that strives to touch the stars, Oft stumbles at a straw.

Edmund Spenser

Many will be familiar with this quote, or something like it, by Edmund Spenser, English poet who lived from 1552–1599. He is saying that by trying to achieve big works we can falter when confronted with something miniscule. The lesson: temper ambition with pragmatism.