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One of the most exciting times for a game designer or publisher is that moment when you actually get your hands on a physical prototype that looks vaguely like the product you're hoping to release. Of course designers generally work with physical prototypes from the initial concept- often in addition to digital testing later on in the process- but they're generally a far cry from a finished game and are more functional than beautiful. When we were building up to our Kickstarter campaign for the original Tranquility, we knew that Dice Sports were going to be manufacturing not only the prototypes but also the final product. As such, the boxes that arrived on my doorstep were at least 95% the finished article and any changes would be fairly minor.

This is a guest blog by Jamie Noble-Frier, co-founder and CEO of DoodleMeeple. He's my guest for this month's 20 questions feature in which we talk game design, artwork, doodlemeeple and much more.

We're absolutely thrilled that Tranquility is now out of beta and available for online play on Board Game Arena. Our very sincerest thanks must go to the BGA team for allowing us to put forward Tranquility for development, and most especially to developer Bruce Hauman for his hard work in implementing it. This will have taken him countless hours and it gives us a wonderful opportunity to reach new players and also provide another way for backers to enjoy the game, perhaps with friends they are physically distant from.

Four years ago, I began work on a game. I had an idea you see, well half an idea. What if you were making stuff, but the resources were also cards? That was it, that was my idea. A few hours and a lot of scribbles on blank white cards later and I had a rudimentary deck builder game with different characters in different piles in the middle of the table. I took the game to Airecon in the UK, playtested it, I took it to a couple of friends house, Dan and Kyly, and they repeatedly destroyed me at it so I knew it needed to be changed and iterated, but a game was slowly emerging with lots of tweaks and ideas requiring development.

We're thrilled to announce that we have signed up newcomer James Hitchmough to publish his first game design: working title Dive! It's a fun-filled light-medium family-friendly dice chucker about snorkelling for lost treasure. We've actually been playtesting the game for some time and working with James on the development and we're very happy with the quality of the game design.

G'day folks. I'm delighted to bring more news about the standalone sequel to Tranquility, titled Tranquility: The Ascent. As noted in our February update blog, The Ascent is a new take on Tranquility's non-communication co-operative experience in which 1-5 players are now attempting to scale a mountain.